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1. Joltzly App

You control the day you want your JuiceBox to go live. With one click, your Joltzly JuiceBox will officially be live in our network via the Joltzly App.

3. Joltzly Management

You will have access to a Joltzly Platform with dashboards to manage your JuiceBox and all its control at your fingertips.

3. JuiceBox + JuicePads

With the Joltzly management platform, it gives you the ability to purchase and use our proprietary Joltzly Juice GearBox that can hold anywhere from 6 to 52 JuicePads and have screens that range from 7 inches to over 50 inches.


1. Apply

Tell us about why you want to join Joltzly. How do you see yourself with Joltzly in the long-term?

2. Fund

If approved, we will work together on how you want your Juice Gearbox looks like. You will put down a deposit, and we will get you on-boarded and take care of the rest.

3. Launch

We will send out our team experts to ensure your product is being systematically checked and your launch goes as planned,

    Joltzly Managerment

    About Joltzy Management

    1. Is there a license fee?

    Yes, there is a one-time fee for the territory + a small revenue share on the kiosks.

    2. Do I need initial capital to start with Joltzly?

    Yes, if you want to operate independently.
    No, if you work with Joltzly.

    3. What the minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order for most cities is 100 units.

    4. How long is the application process?

    It’s anywhere from 1-3 months depending on a variety of factors such as your experience, background, the territory of where you want to operate, and capital.

    5. Do the Joltzly hardware com with a warranty?

    Yes, all Joltzly products come with a 12-month limited warranty.

    6. Can I operate in multiple territories?

    Yes! And we will help you to succeed in your new territory

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