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Market Agent - Miami

Joltzly is a tech company that provides a public mobile phone charging service. Compared to the traditional way of phone charging, Joltzly Charging stations allow people to rent out the Juice Pads, (The Battery Pad) and return them by simply inserting in an empty slot on the charging station. By using the Joltzly App, people can pay through the app with their credit/debit card or Apple Pay.

Market Agent

As Joltzly Agent, you will explore and bring Joltzly to the local market in locations like bars, lounges, nightclubs, restaurants, spas, salons, etc. Driving the team to gain market share across every major market, helping everyone to familiar and enjoy the new lifestyle.

The Buyer’s Agent will:

Explore the expanding new market (New Districts, new cities)

Qualify the location before sending it to the office.

Clarify the details about the product requirements and how the Joltzly platform works. 

As an agent, you will need to ensure the safety of the inventory (Joltzly JuiceBox and JuicePads).

Professional representation and communication with team and vendors

As an agent, you will manage the logistics with the office for your territory in both deliveries and return. 

Making sure the logistics and installations meet requirements

As an agent, you will need to meet the deadline for the product launch and continuously deliver results by adding more stations and vendors.

As an agent, you will need to make sure all units are running correctly and quickly report if any issue occurs. 

Participate in monthly and quarterly meetings.

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