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With Joltzly, we help your venue to elevate the customer experience by taken care of the worries of their phone might be going out of battery.

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Creating an exclusive experience has never been so important. Venues like Restaurant, Bars, Lounges, Clubs, etc. have always constantly trying to find better ways to create better experiences for their customers. With Joltzly, we help venues to achieve this goal by providing our Juicebox to juice up their customers’ mobile devices without leaving. 

Merchant Handles

Power Outlet
Visible space
Keep the Joltzly Station turned on
Let us know if Joltzly JuicePad is missing
Decide whether or not to enable advertising

Joltzly Handles

Delivery & Install
Marketing Materials
Customer service (For all app users and merchants)
Restocking Joltzly Station and JuicePad maintenance
Free 15s Advertisement of your event on Joltzly Station at your location
Start off by paying you 10% of every dollar that battery charging generates per transaction.


Feel Free To Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions.